Originally Timothy Ray Brown the medical report was presented as a “Berlin patient” in 2008. A year earlier, Brown’s leukemia had been treated with a bone marrow transplant donated by a person who was naturally immune to HIV infection.

Brown had become infected while studying in Berlin in 1995. However, after experimental treatment, he had recovered from both leukemia and HIV.

Brown himself came out in public in 2010 and gave his face to the “Berlin Patient”. The foundation, which bears his name, is fighting for HIV and AIDS treatments.

Now the example shown by Brown has been used for most patients. Admittedly, only the “London patient” has received exactly the same bone marrow mutation.

– I am a living example of the fact that the AIDS virus can be found in the drug. It feels great that I’ve improved HIV, Brown said the news agency AFP in 2012.

Brown’s heroic story continues to inspire HIV-positive people around the world. He himself gained more than ten years of life with it – but no ultimate peace.

– Timothy is not dying of HIV. Let’s make it clear, Brown’s spouse Tim Hoeffgen assured Mark Kingin publishing on the blog.

– No HIV has been found in her bloodstream after healing. It’s already gone. But this is due to leukemia, Hoeffgen said of his spouse in the terminal stage.

Now 54-year-old Brown is in home care in Palm Spring, California.

– I will continue to fight until I can no longer, Brown himself announced.

The Berlin patient remains the first person in history to have overcome HIV. Unfortunately, medicine for him has not yet come up with ways to shed leukemia.

– The hardest part is watching Timothy’s collapse. Cancer treatments are so hard, and sometimes I wonder if they are worse than the disease itself, Hoeffgen decided.