The first offers of the deal event

Whether it’s your first Christmas shopping or just happy shopping and save, Black Friday 2020 has great bargains and great offers in its luggage again.

If shopping always puts you in a state of euphoria – especially when it comes to special offers and discounts, then you’ve come to the right place and can rely on the Black Friday am 27. November 2020 and look forward to its deals. Because then numerous online shops and stores declare a state of emergency and discount their products so heavily that one is almost worried about missing one of the hot Black Friday deals. Whether lightning deals, 24-hour offers or top deals at large online retailers such as Amazon, the heavily discounted products are only available on Black Friday 2020 while stocks last. It’s worth being quick!

But watch out: Amazon starts Black Friday 2020 already 24 hours earlier. The bargain hunt starts at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday to Thursday night. Christmas shopping has never felt so relaxed! But it gets even better, because as a Prime member you can benefit from a number of advantages on Amazon – and not only on Black Friday 2020. Jamie Oliver pan Amazon API

Amazon Prime: secure advantages

Don’t have Amazon Prime yet? There is no better time to get a membership than now, shortly before Black Friday 2020 and Cyber ​​Monday. Because with Amazon Prime you not only save shipping for Prime products and your orders will be delivered on the same day, provided the products also have “same-day delivery”, you will also be sent in advance (30 minutes earlier ) informed about the upcoming lightning deals on Black Friday 2020. The special thing about the offers: They are only available for a few hours at a reduced price and are quickly sold out. Unfortunately, it can often be too late for customers without a subscription.

You can subscribe at any time for Try it free for 30 days and cancel quickly and easily after the Prime free period. If you want to keep it, it will cost you 7.99 euros per month. You can also expect numerous advantages with the subscription:

  • Extended return period: All items that are shipped via Amazon by December 31st can be returned until January 31st, 2021.
  • Purchase on invoice: With Amazon you can conveniently buy your products on account (also on Black Friday 2020). You can then pay for your purchases in a relaxed manner until the next month.
  • Music, films, series, eBooks, audio books and co .: As a member, you can also stream unlimited series and films, listen to over two million songs for free, access a changing selection of free eBooks, audio books and the like and enjoy many other advantages.

Black Friday Deals: The first Black Friday Week deals

Notebook Micrsoft API Amazon

Light, slim and powerful – this is how the Microsoft notebook presents itself. With equipment that includes eight gigabytes of RAM and Windows 10, you are well equipped. Whether on the go or at home, thanks to more than eleven hours of battery life, you are always ready to go even without a power source.

Daylight lamp Beurer API Amazon

When the winter blues threatens in the cold, dark season, daylight lamps can be real saviors. It is well known that in winter we often lack sunlight and therefore vitamin D. To prevent or compensate for a deficiency, a few minutes in front of such a daylight lamp is often enough. So neither deficiency symptoms nor bad mood stand a chance.Beurer Link Amazon daylight lamp

Gomago Amazon API

Are you looking for a reliable and species-appropriate deterrent? With this Fragrance get rid of martens in the house, car and Co. very quickly. Try them out – you will be amazed. And if you would like a field report, you will find one here.

Amazon API straightener

Would you like to experience great styling results quickly at any time? Do you have a straightening iron on the agenda? Then this is Straighteners of Brown just right for you because it continuously adjusts the temperature, from the hairline to the tip of the hair and straightens your hair in just a few strokes. It’s not for nothing Stiftung Warentest with a grade of 1.8 been awarded.

Epilator API

Are you looking for a good device for epilation? With this Test winner from Stiftung Warentest (05/2019) you are guaranteed not to do anything wrong – and even ingrown hairs are gentle on the collar because of the 13 Extras 3 brushes also count for the body, each of which massages and exfoliates deeply and thus ensures fewer ingrown hairs.

Children’s electric toothbrush API

With thiselectric toothbrush will the teeth of the little ones gently cleaned with soft bristles. 2 cleaning programs including sensitive, timer and 4 Disney stickers included!
Adults will be at this bargain here find it.

4 Wins Amazon API

There are certainly childhood memories of yours in this game. 4 wins is a simple and fast gamethat not only children enjoy. And best of all, it’s so small that you can take it with you anywhere.

Jamie Oliver pan Amazon API

Do you love to cook? Then the popular Jamie Oliver pan definitely not be missing in your kitchen. It is equipped with a six-layer non-stick coating with a hard primer and top coat and has the world’s first temperature indicator integrated into the pan. Meat cooked perfectly to the point, child’s play with this pan!

Black Friday 2020: That’s where the hype comes from

Black Friday originally comes from the USA. For many decades, Black Friday deals have put the nation on a shopping spree. If someone wants to save money and buy new things such as household appliances, electronics, toys, clothing or the like, then definitely on Black Friday 2020. The bargain day is always on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the American Thanksgiving Day, and at the same time heralds the Christmas business then a number of stores and online shops reduce their prices drastically. So just before Christmas, this comes in very handy, especially for the Christmas business.

You can also save here

But not only on Black Friday 2020 you can go easy on your wallet, also in the days before in the so-called Cyber ​​Week and on the Monday after Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, everything is upside down, because massive discounts lurk everywhere, whether in shops, Shopping malls or online stores. You rarely get past the offers.

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