In the United States, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) reports that a Chinese herring nest found in the state has been successfully eradicated.

More information will be provided on Monday 26 October.

It was reportedly the first nest in the United States of a species called killer or murderer. An alien species was first observed in the United States in December 2019 specifically from the state of Washington.

The ministry’s pest control team was wearing a thick protective suit that protected the wasps from a six-millimeter sting. The faces of the members of the group were also protected, as according to the Guardian, the wasps were also capable of spitting venom.

During the operation, pest controllers wrapped the wood in plastic and vacuumed the wasps in the nest into large canisters.

According to the Guardian, the tree is still being cut into pieces to ensure that all individuals are collected.

On Friday, WSDA researchers estimated the nest to be about the size of a basketball and include 100 to 200 herrings in the community. It was found using tracking devices attached to the wasps.

Although Chinese herbs are also dangerous to humans, they pose a greater threat to ordinary honey bees.