The first lady shows up for the last time when collecting the Christmas tree

Every year at the end of November, the White House receives a Christmas tree that is traditionally received by the incumbent first lady. Melania Trump fulfilled this task on Monday for the fourth and last time.

When Melania Trump, 50, steps in front of the north portal of the White House, the fuss over the election battle between Donald Trump, 74, and Joe Biden, 77, cannot be seen. In a good mood, well-styled and professional, she greets the two men who drove up the tree in a horse-drawn carriage.

Melania Trump rings in Christmas

A military band provides the appropriate Christmas music, plays a medley from “O Christmas Tree”, “O Come, All Ye Faithful” and “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”. Smile nice, admire the tree, pose for the photographers, greet the coachman, wave goodbye: after 3 minutes and 29 seconds, Melania has disappeared again.

Have a good face for the bad game? In the summer of 2018, Melania complained about her job as the White House’s “Christmas Decoration Officer”. This is proven by secretly recorded tape recordings.

The first lady takes care of the Christmas tree

The fact that the wife of the US President creates a festive mood goes back to 1929. Since 1961, the US “National Christmas Tree Association” has held a competition every year, the winner of which can deliver a tree to the respective First Lady. In 2020, Dan and Bryan’s Tree Farm in West Virginia made it and brought a three-foot high Fraser fir to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    The coachmen wait for the first lady in front of the north portal of the White House.
The coachmen wait for the first lady in front of the north portal of the White House.

In 1961, Jacqueline Kennedy, one of Melania’s predecessors, first set a motto for the White House’s official Christmas tree. The custom has been preserved to this day. In 2019, Melania decided to use the Spirit of America as a theme for the White House Christmas decorations. What did the first lady come up with this year? Melania started planning in the summer. Soon helpers will take action and decorate the White House. After that, the public is allowed to examine Melania’s work one last time.

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