the fire north of Los Angeles doubles in size and forces more population to evacuate

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The fire that for two weeks has been progressing uncontrollably in the Los Angeles National Forest (USA), northeast of the city, doubled in size due to high temperatures over the weekend and forced more residents to evacuate.

Authorities in Southern California believe that this fire, baptized as Bobcat, Now one of the biggest fires in Los Angeles history after exceeding 40,000 hectares, about 105,000 acres, of which they have only been able to contain 15%.

In addition to forcing the evacuation of a good number of homes on the outskirts of the city, the flames threaten the survival of the Mount Wilson Observatory again, a 116-year-old space observation structure, from which scientists like Edwin Hubble worked, and which for decades was the most important telescope in the world.

As conditions improved last week, the work of the more than 1,700 firefighters It has become difficult in the area after several days of high temperatures in a dry climate and with faster winds.

“Around the Bobcat fire it is still a long time ago Dry heat, there will be gusts of wind in the afternoon and evening, “meteorologist David Sweet told the newspaper. Los Angeles Times.

A helicopter drops water on the ‘Bobcat’ fire, in the Los Angeles National Forest, near Valyermo, California (USA).

Impact on air quality and destroyed houses

Wind gusts could increase throughout the week preventing containment work and spreading poor air quality in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, where more than 13 million people live.

Last week, this same fire caused a layer of dusty haze that forced the authorities to send alerts for poor air quality.

Recommendations like do not exercise outside, close sales and avoiding outdoor exposure as much as possible continue to be especially recommended for residents of the northeast county, in the towns of Pasadena, El Monte and Juniper Hills.

In the latter, dozens of people still do not know when they will be able to return to their homes while others know that their homes have been devoured by flames.

Other spotlights

While the Los Angeles fire worries about proximity to residential areas, the rest of the outbreaks in the northern california and the state of Oregon are still active.

The most important of all, known as August Complex, has been able to contain itself in 34% of more than 355,000 hectares that burn in a mountainous area with very difficult access for extinction tasks.

Some 19,000 firefighters are working across California to prevent anticipated winds from further out of control of the fires, which have devastated an area equivalent to almost the entire territory of Puerto Rico and left at least 26 fatalities, including three firefighters.



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