At the start of the second round of the NHL booking session, the Ottawa Senators booked Ilves Roby Järventien with booking number 33. He was the first Finnish player to be booked in the second round of booking.

The Florida Panthers booked HIFK Anton Lundellin in the first booking round with booking number 12.

Last season, Järventie played five matches in the Finnish Championship with a power of 1 + 0. He also played 36 regular season matches from Mest in the ranks of KOOVEE with powers of 23 + 15 = 38.

This season, the 18-year-old striker has played two SM league matches at 1 + 1. Roby Järventie is Martti Järventien a boy who won the Finnish championship twice in his playing career.

The next Finnish player in the second round of booking was booked with reservation number 52 when Pittsburgh Penguins booked Oulun Kärppien goalkeeper Joel Blomqvistin. Blomqvist have played two Finnish Championship matches this season with Kärppie’s goal with a defense percentage of 91.4.

Toronto Maple Leafs booked Pori Ässien’s striker for the 59th booking number Roni Hirvosen. At the time of his reservation, Hirvonen was playing in the Champions League against HPK.

Third booking round

In the third round of booking, Maple Leafs booked the Fly Defender with number 64 Topi Niemelä. Last season, Niemelä played 43 Finnish Champions League regular season matches in the Kärppie ranks and scored 1 + 6.

The Los Angeles Kings reserved Tappara’s striker promise Kasper Simontaipaleen at number 66. In his career, Simontaival has played 10 Finnish Championship regular season matches with powers 0 + 2.

The next Finnish name to be reserved was Turku Palloseura defender Eemil Estonia, who was booked by Detroit Red Wings at number 70. Last season, Estonia played 29 league matches at 0 + 3 in the TPS ranks. This season he has played two matches.

Ottawa Senators, on the other hand, booked their second Finnish player at this booking ceremony when the number 71 was chosen by Kärppie’s goalkeeper To Leevi Meriläinen.

Defender who moved to Jyväskylä JYP for this season Joni Jurmo in turn, was booked for the Vancouver Canucks at number 82. Jurmo has played in two league matches this season.

Fourth booking round

In the fourth booking round at 112, the Los Angeles Kings booked another Finnish for their team at this booking ceremony. Kings grabbed it Jussi Markkanen boy and goalkeeper playing Juho Markkanen.

The Columbus Blue Jackets in turn reserved the 114 TPS striker promise Mikael Pyyhtiän. Pyyhti, who plays as a central striker, has played two Finnish Championship league matches in his career, which he got into his account last season.

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Finnish NHL reservations

12. Anton Lundell, KH, Florida Panthers

33. Roby Järventie, VLH, Ottawa Senators

52. Joel Blomqvist, MV, Pittsburgh Penguins

59. Roni Hirvonen, KH, Toronto Maple Leafs

64. Topi Niemelä, P, Toronto Maple Leafs

66. Kasper Simontaival, OLH, Los Angeles Kings

70. Eemil Viro, P, Detroit Red Wings

71. Leevi Meriläinen, MV, Ottawa Senators

82. Joni Jurmo, P, Vancouver Canucks

112. Juho Markkanen, MV, Los Angeles Kings

114. Mikael Wipe, KH, Columbus Blue Jackets