F1 supplier Heikki Kullan a novel book written by Iceman – Kim on the way (Readme) times Kimi Räikkönen different stages of his career, riddled with Gold’s own notes.

Kulta, who has been circulating formula failures for decades, profiled himself as a credit supplier for Finnish F1 drivers. He was helped by journalist colleagues as well as once the Mercedes boss who was concerned about Räikkönen’s private life. Norbert Haug.

Breakfast in the wrong throat

Gold says he received an invitation to Haug on the eve of the 2003 French race weekend. Gold was horrified to get satic about his recent writing, in which he had witched up Mersu’s popping V10 engines.

The concern was unfounded. Haug said that the German press had received the news of Räikkönen’s Midsummer celebration a couple of weeks ago. The alcohol-rich mix had ended up on video and through the internet.

Mersu fell silent on the matter, which had angered the German press. Haug feared the media would launch a ruthless chase, so he asked Gold to explain the Finnish Midsummer celebration to his colleagues in the press room.

Gold promised to help. A German journalist listened to Kulla’s explanations of how nothing miraculous was at Räikkönen’s party, it was practiced by everyone in Finland.

Gold thought it was clear. The surprise was quite considerable as the man studied the Sunday version of the German magazine with his hotel breakfast.

– “Did Kimi get himself out of the World Cup?” asked the title. Already at that point, the breakfast croissant literally got in my throat. I reasonably understand German, and what I did not understand was easy to deduce.

All right

Gold only feared exacerbating Haug’s predicament with his comments. When, after arriving at the track, the invitation went to Mersu’s boss again, Kulta believed she could hear her glory.

Still what.

– When I got into the room, a wide smile appeared on his face. Norbert spread his hands and hugged me bearishly. I really couldn’t expect that kind of gesture.

Despite the sharp text, the message of the story was understandable about Räikkö. It was a young man’s desire to have fun in a way that was only natural for Finns. For Mercedes, this version was more than good.

The sections in italics are quotes from Heikki Kulla’s book Iceman – Kim on the Journey (Readme).