The Final 8 of Athens is in the air NBA

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New data regarding the Final 8 of the BCL emerged today. At the beginning of September, through an official press conference in a central hotel in Athens, the organizing authority gave the anointing in Athens, after actions of AEK, which showed great interest in undertaking another big appointment.

The State had verbally agreed and pledged to the FIBA ​​leadership that it would open the doors of the stadium, for a part of the world, to host basketball fans indoors at the Olympic Facilities.

This was the main reason, combined with the low number of cases, that led to the selection of Athens for the Final 8.

In this context, in fact, the Greek State contributed financially, through the Region, with a respectable amount, which is no longer excluded to make … wings, along with the event that is in doubt whether it will be held in two weeks from today, as planned, indoors at OAKA.

Everyone expected that it would be possible to open the stadiums, even in a part of them, in view of the Final 8 of Athens which was just around the corner, but after the announcement of the Government the change that took place was related to the reduction of people in the cinemas (from 75% fullness to 60%) and in concert venues that will now have 50% fullness.

At the same time there are some blows to FIBA, from Spain and the Czech Republic, who had expressed interest in holding the big BCL appointment, as now the data are very different from those agreed with the Greek Government.

The next few days are very crucial for the future of the event and everything is now open. At the same time that next week a FIBA ​​team is coming to Athens to inspect OAKA and that was the reason for the transfer of the Super Cup from the indoor stadium of Maroussi to Peristeri.

It goes without saying that if such a thing happens, it will be a big fiasco on the part of the country, which guaranteed the event and the worst thing is that it has already paid for an event that may not be held in our country.


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