the film will be made 100%, word of Mel Gibson

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While promoting his latest movie Fatman, Mel Gibson confirmed once again that Lethal Weapon 5 will come true and that the team will remain the same.

How many times have we told you that Lethal Weapon 5 will sooner or later see the light? Several, but since we are talking about a film that many are waiting for, despite 22 years have passed since Lethal Weapon 4, we repeat it with joy, and not because today we woke up with this desire, but because yet another confirmation comes from Mel Gibson.

During the television broadcast Good Morning America, which he attended to present his new film Fatman, Gibson so replied to presenter Michael Strahan who asked him about the film: “Yes! And the man to whom we owe everything, who brought the saga to the cinema and made it special, is working on it right now. Richard Donner and he’s a legend. “Despite his ripe old age (90!), the director of the four Lethal Weapon is therefore working on a new chapter in the adventures of Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) e Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover), who will probably no longer have the grit as before, but may be wiser.

But let’s make a summary of the ups and downs of Lethal Weapon 5. We have been talking about the film since 2017, precisely since when Mel Gibson, Danny Glover e Richard Donner met with the leaders of Warner Bros. to discuss the project. In 2018, the director rethought it and said: “It will not be done”, explaining that the script of which there was a draft was very dark and that for this reason he had renamed it Lethal ending. At the beginning of this year, however, everything changed, and the producer Dan Lin happily announced: “We are looking to make the latest film of Lethal Weapon. Dick Donner will come back. ”Finally, to these words are added some statements made during the summer by Danny Glover, who said, among other things: “I don’t want to reveal the plot I read about the script, but I noticed that it has a lot to do with some things that are going on today.”

At this point we hope that Give do not encounter obstacles and that the first take of Lethal Weapon 5. Recall that the first film in the series, Lethal Weapon, came out way back in 1987.


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