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Historic: no more visas between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

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“ Police surround lifelong convicted Peter Madsen after escape ”

Danish murderer Peter Madsen, sentenced to life, escaped from Herstedvester prison in Albertslund on Tuesday morning, Danish media report. Police officers found him...

Murderer Peter Madsen, sentenced to life, tracked down after escape

Danish murderer Peter Madsen, sentenced to life, escaped from Herstedvester prison in Albertslund on Tuesday morning, Danish media report. Cops tracked him down...

infect the virus in young people

United Kingdom aims to become the first country in the world to infect healthy volunteers with coronavirus, confirmed this Tuesday the government led by...

Submarine killer Peter Madsen tried to escape from prison – threatening with a bomb

Danish newspaper Ekstrabladetin according to the supplier Kim Wallin sentenced to murder for life Peter Madsen has tried to escape from prison.A major police...

1981: Investigation in New York is set in what, statistically, was the year with the most violence and murder in New York City. The appointment on SimulWatch is for Monday 12 October at 9pm.

The shared vision of Monday 12 October organized by the editorial staff of his SimulWatch, our app available for free on Google Play e App Store, is a 2016 American drama film. 1981: Investigation in New York is written and directed by J.C. Chandor, a talented author who had made a name for himself with his brilliant debut Margin Call, 2011 financial thriller. In this later work, Chandor develops into a maze of corruption involving rampant industrialists and politicians and that haunts the streets of a declining city, following the life of an immigrant and his family who are drawn into a vortex of violence and corruption that threatens to destroy everything that he built. The protagonists of the story are Oscar Isaac e Jessca Chastain.
The appointment for see all together 1981: Survey in New York and comment on it with friends and family, each at home, through the SimulWatch chat is set for Monday 12 October at 9 pm.

1981: Investigation in New York is set in and around the five boroughs during the winter of 1981, statistically considered to be the most violent year in New York City at the time. After the oil crisis of the seventies, the city underwent a dramatic transition period following the strong expansion of the metropolis from the twenties to the sixties: the city practically stopped due to budget cuts, the very high crime rate and political corruption. The early 1980s marked the peak of the so-called “white move” to the safety of the surrounding suburbs, as a new wave of immigrants poured into the districts in search of opportunities, dramatically transforming the tenor and structure of the city.

SimulWatch is the app created by Coming Soon which is both a movie search engine within all legal streaming platforms operating in Italy, and a platform through which to set shared appointments for watching a movie and comment on it through the internal chat with friends, relatives or even strangers from the comfort of your home sofa.
The next appointment with the shared vision SimulWatch will be with: I knew her well.


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