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the film to see and comment on together Wednesday 7 October with SimulWatch


What if toxic waste turns lake beavers into zombies? This is exactly what happens in Zombeavers. The appointment on SimulWatch is for Wednesday 7 October at 10:30 pm.

The shared vision of Wednesday 7 October organized by the editorial staff of Comingsoon.it his SimulWatch, our app available for free on Google Play e App Store, is a low budget horror that invests on the creative front. Zombeavers is one of those films where you know exactly what awaits you, in the best tradition of b-movies that play with the clichés of the horror genre without disdaining demented nuances. This does not mean that it wants to make people laugh, but the fun with popcorn in the hands of the spectators is the purpose of so much creativity invested by the authors. The honesty of intentions is also found in the duration of the film, which is only 77 minutes, a way of saying “we don’t want to steal too much time with our story of zombie beavers”. Zombeavers it is nothing but the crasis between words Zombie e Beavers.
The appointment for see Zombeavers all together and comment on it with friends and family, each at home, through the SimulWatch chat is set for Wednesday 7 October at 10.30 pm.

Zombeavers, directed by Jordan Rubin, stars a group of college kids on vacation in a lake house for a weekend of fun, but who will find themselves facing a frightening threat. In fact, something begins to disturb their entertainment and to claim victims. The group will discover that forcing them into an anomalous struggle for survival is a pack of furious zombie beavers, rendered such by a container of toxic waste accidentally dropped into the lake. But the situation takes an even more sinister turn when they realize that anyone who is bitten by an infected beaver turns into a zombie, but with big rodent teeth …

SimulWatch is the app created by Coming Soon which is both a movie search engine within all legal streaming platforms operating in Italy, and a platform through which to set shared appointments for watching a movie and comment on it through the internal chat with friends, relatives or even strangers from the comfort of your home sofa.
The next appointment with the shared vision SimulWatch will be with: Perfect strangers.



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