The film Gunda, starring a pig, won at the Hamburg Film Festival

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It was directed by Russian Victor Kossakovsky and won the Audience Award, the only one awarded in the contest, due to the coronavirus.

The movie Gundaby Russian director Victor Kossakovsky, whose protagonist is a pig, was honored with the Audience Award at the 28th Hamburg Film Festival, Germany. It took $ 5,800.

This “declaration of cinematic love to the pigs, cows and chickens that inhabit the planet and that are consumed by humans every day”, as defined by those who voted, “It raises current questions: what is the attitude of each of us towards farm animals and how they are kept.”

The documentary, in black and white, will be released in Germany in February 2021 and then it is likely to arrive in other countries.

The Audience Award is the only award given at the festival this year. All other competitions were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Hamburg Film Festival ended this Saturday with the film Nomadland, which had already won several awards. And it had also prevailed in Venice.

The film, by Chinese-American Chloé Zhao and starring Frances McDormand, did not appear in the public competition.

The festival was inaugurated on September 24 with Enfant terrible, a film about the legendary filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder, directed by the German Oskar Roehler.

Since then, more than 70 films, as well as television productions and documentaries, have been shown in the festival’s cinemas, although with much fewer viewers in theaters compared to other years, due to the protocols linked to Covid-19.

Despite the difficult conditions the event had to go through, the festival director, Albert Wiederspiel, was satisfied with the response from the public. “Because we had so few seats and considerably fewer movies than usual on the show, it was great,” Wiederspiel said.

And that Gunda has won the Audience Award is a sign of these times, in which veganism and the “protection” of animals are expanding.

Last week, for example, Brigitte Bardot, which runs a foundation in this sense, turned 86 years old and, among his wishes, he asked those who govern to improve the treatment of animals once and for all.

“For 47 years I hope that those who are leading us against a wall have a gesture to improve the animal condition in France,” said Brigitte, a sex symbol in the 1960s, on her Twitter account.

Dedicated to the defense of animals both at home and abroad through a foundation that bears her name, the performer of films as And God created woman, by Roger Vadim, He pointed out that this may be his “last anniversary” and that he no longer has “more waiting time.”

In the same message, Bardot thanked the “thousands of letters, messages, flowers and gifts that animal friends” have sent him.

Whenever asked about dogs, she replies: “In the eyes of a dog is where I feel the presence of God”.


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