The figure of Maradona triggers a controversy between Venezuela and France

Figure of Diego Maradona entered the Venezuelan political scene a few days after the parliamentary elections and lit the fuse of a controversy between the Government of Nicolas Maduro and his french colleague Emmanuel Macron. When the death of the Argentine star was known, Macron wrote a long letter in which he defined Maradona as a “artist” and “sumptuous player”, in his opinion, “the greatest footballer of all time.” For the French president, Diego had made “a revolution on the field.” However, at the end of the letter he pointed out that Maradona’s visits to Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez “They will have the bitter taste of defeat.”

The Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, was the first to respond from Caracas. “The only defeat is that of a political class that trembles before the yellow uniform of the workers,” he said, alluding to the movement yellow vests who has protested against the Government of France. “Macron and his advisers wanted to display poetic prose to fire the great Diego. However, they dishonor his ideals and his struggles.”

For his part, the number two of madurismo, God given hair, took advantage of his television program “Con el Mazo Dando” to highlight the relationships that Maradona had first with Hugo Chávez and then with Maduro. “He felt Venezuelan, more Venezuelan than some who were born here and are vendepatriaTherefore, our affection, respect and admiration, and an infinite hug for all eternity. “

Cabello took the opportunity to sneak the late player into the campaign of a contest whose legitimacy is questioned by the opposition. “The children who did not get to know him admire Maradona, they recognize him. The miserable people try to stain his name. That is very sad and sad.”

Months ago, the 1986 world champion had qualified as “scoundrel“to Juan Guaidó, the parliamentary authority that the United States and 54 other governments recognized in January 2019 as the” president in charge. “For Maradona, his self-proclamation” was a show “, but” the farce “had come to an end. his death, Maduro called him “irreducible defender of the Bolivarian Revolution “. In turn, he said that he had cultivated a “true friendship & rdquor; with the Argentine star myth.

The background of the controversy

The exchange of opinions is not alien to the December 6 elections. The European Union came to the conclusion that the conditions were not ripe to hold a contest “fair” and “democratic”. In late October, an EU mission recommended a six-month postponement to Maduro. During that period, he suggested opening “a space for dialogue” and “changing those conditions” for holding the elections. Under current conditions, it was pointed out then, “the EU cannot consider sending an electoral observation mission.” In turn, he anticipated that, otherwise, he would not recognize the results or the Legislative Assembly that is elected and that, predictably, it will be official. Maduro did not delay in answering. “Ask for what you want, but do not ask for the impossible. Do not ask us to violate the Constitution. It is a mandate, that is clear! The electoral guarantees in Venezuela are unnecessary, there are enough.”



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