The fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan intensifies

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Nagorno Karabakh Military Forces Deputy Commander Arthur Sargsian has confirmed 54 Armenian servicemen killed in the clashes on Thursday between Azerbaijan and Armenia, states that have been fighting for the mountainous enclave of Nagorno Karabakh for 30 years. The high military position has called for a ceasefire in the region, officially located in Azerbaijani territory and with a majority of Armenian population.

Thursday, the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, Anar Eivazov, assured that the Azeri forces have destroyed about 200 tanks and other armored vehicles, 228 artillery guns, rocket launchers and mortars, as well as 300 anti-aircraft defense units since Sunday, in addition to an S- missile defense system. 300.

For its part, Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinian, noted that its military forces have killed at least 1,280 Azeri military and 2,700 others injured in fighting. Likewise, 90 drones and twelve helicopters have been shot down while more than 180 tanks and armored vehicles have been destroyed.

Civilian victims

As for civilian casualties, Azerbaijan denounced on Thursday the death of two students in a bombardment while the Attorney General encrypted at least 19 civilians killed and 55 injured the balance of the fighting that broke out on Sunday.

For its part, in the city of Martuni, in Nagorno Karabakh, four civilians have died and eleven more have been injured, according counted the ombudsman of the region to the Armenian media Mediamax. Precisely, two journalists from the French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ were injured in this city in a bombardment that Yerevan attributed to the Azeri forces and in which they also resulted two Armenian reporters injured.

Tension in Nagorno Karabakh has continued since it began on September 27 a spiral of war that has claimed the lives of dozens of Armenian and Azerbaijani military personnel in fighting in this region, whose sovereignty the two countries have disputed for decades.

Call for a ceasefire

This Thursday, the presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, the United States, Donald Trump, and France, Emmanuel Macron, they condemned the armed clashes “firmly” in the Nagorno Karabakh area.

“We call on (…) Armenia and Azerbaijan to assume immediately, in good faith and without prior conditions Obligation to resume negotiations for the settlement “of the conflict, they pointed in a joint return.

But just before this statement, President Tayyip Erdogan declared to the Turkish Parliament that he was against the involvement of these three countries. “The United States, Russia and France have ignored this problem for about 30 years, it is unacceptable that they are now involved in the implementation of a ceasefire.”

For its part, the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has affirmed this Friday that he is in favor of speaking with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to establish a ceasefire in Upper Karabakh.

Involvement of jihadist mercenaries

French President Emmanuel Macron said he will call his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to ask him “explanations” for the presence of “jihadist groups” in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and called on NATO to “look straight” the shares of Ankara, a member of the Alliance.

Three hundred fighters left Syria to reach Baku via Gaziantep (Turkey). They are known, they have been tracked, identified, they come from jihadist groups operating in the Aleppo region, “he told reporters during the EU summit in Brussels.



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