The Fiesta ST Edition turns out better

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Because of its 1.5-liter, three-cylinder engine, many have welcomed the Ford Fiesta ST with skepticism, though the odd number of pistons doesn’t detract from the experience. There is no shortage of power either, the 200 horsepower and 290 Nm of torque already have plenty of pleasure in such a small car, as indicated by the 6.5-second 0-100 sprint. At Ford, they filed a bit on the Fiesta ST, making it the Azura Blue ST Edition.

There will be 300 copies of the three-door hot hatch available in the UK and 200 copies in the rest of Europe. This is a good indication of how much the English like small cars that can be used on weekend slopes but can also be used on weekdays.

His engine saves by rolling off the cylinder, but it’s hard to let him do that while sitting in the Recaro sports seats, gripping the thick flanged steering wheel. The latter has a button specifically to activate Sport Drive mode. The black upholstery was sewn with blue thread to match the paintwork, but much more interesting changes were made to the Fiesta ST Edition.

Its ten-spoke, 18-inch alloy wheels reduce, for example, the unsprung weight by 8 kg, the chassis is fitted with front and rear adjustable shock absorbers, and its ground clearance is reduced by 15 mm at the front and 10 mm at the rear. And the whole thing was tuned to perfection on the Nürburgring. Perhaps the best of all is the Quaife self-locking differential, which will cruelly pull the Fiesta ST into the bend.

Fiesta ST Edition 4 turns out better



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