Lewis Hamilton It has caused a change in the FIA ​​regulations in relation to the podium protocol. The reason is the shirt he wore in the Tuscany GP, when he went up to celebrate his victory with one that read: “Arrest the Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor”.

Several teams raised a question, which was never investigated as such to the FIA: is it legal, within the Formula 1 regulations, this type of message on a podium? The doubt was not trivial, far from it, since it opens the door to protests that can be uncomfortable, not so understandable, rejected according to what cultures or that can provoke conflicts even diplomatic, something the FIA ​​wants to avoid at all costs.

For this reason, they have clarified that the first three pilots must go to the podium dressed in the racing jumpsuit on and buttoned up to the neck, thus avoiding t-shirts or messages of any kind. In addition, they must also wear it in the same way in interviews on the track after each race.

Hamilton already indicated before the Sochi race that he anticipated that they would establish a rule in this regard, although he assured that no one from the FIA he had not been contacted or received a formal notification of a possible sanction for violating podium protocol.