The fervor in Norwegian football: Primitiveness is pathetic

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Just while there is a real attempt to stir up racism in Norwegian football, homosexuality appears in the Elite Series. Should the low goal really never end?

Football is not a Sunday school, and in an emotional sport, the exchange will never be of a grade Margrethe Munthe had approved. But there is and will be a big difference in ceiling height for temperature and slang remarks, to accept that incitement and harassment based on orientation or skin color should have something similar to a place in Norwegian football.

Therefore, it is extremely serious that we now experience case number three in a short time of a completely unacceptable nature. All bad things are three. So far.

There is no point in making “excuses in the heat of the match” when Flamur Kastrati chooses to call Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo “fucking sweeper”. No matter how much two parties have contributed to and brewed up to an argument, where both are otherwise struggling to pass the kindergarten stage, there are some limits you just should not violate on a football field.

One of them is to resort to designations that are derogatory to gays.

Let us remind you that not a single male player or coach at the top level has ever emerged as gay in Norway. Here, football has often scratched its head as to why this is so, and in calm settings both the one and the other insist that “no then, it would have been so nice if someone had chosen to do this, we would have tackled it”.

When it now emerges that this type of characteristic may fall on a Norwegian elite series arena in 2020, we can wonder if it is actually not so strange that someone stays in the closet instead of being open about who they are, because of conditions in football.

Of course, one should not go a single episode too far, but it is not more than a couple of years

for an open microphone at Nadderud Stadium, and even on an open street at Bekkestua.

Right now, it is fascinatingly unmusical that Kastrati chooses to behave in this way, at a time when minimum standards of behavior and a fight against racism are really on the agenda. One form of provocation is no more straightforward than the other, and there had been reason to hope that the episodes in and had become a wake-up call about what minimum measure of behavior we must be able to demand.

Flamur Kastrati was unfortunately not sent off the field after using the words “fucking garbage”, but the relationship is now both documented and acknowledged.

This means that the prosecution committee in the Norwegian Football Association does not struggle with the factual basis when deciding what consequences such behavior should have.

Let us hope that kindness is left behind this time, in the face of a pathetic primitiveness.


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