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They had acquired weapons, conducted house surveillance, and trained to kidnap or assassinate her along with other members of the state government of the state before the November 3 elections.

Multiple people linked to a far-right militia They were arrested and charged with planning the kidnapping and possible murder of the governor of Michigan (USA), the Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, federal authorities reported Thursday.

A Michigan federal court charged six people formally this Thursday of conspiring to commit the kidnapping of the governor and other officials, thus facing a life sentence.

In parallel, the state of Michigan charged crimes related to terrorism to another group of seven members of the “Wolverine Watchman” militia, an organization with far-right ideas that was infiltrated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Members of the militia they had acquired weapons, carried out surveillance of the governor at her home and had trained to kidnap or assassinate her along with other members of the Michigan state government before the November 3 elections.

According to the Michigan attorney general, Dana Nessel, said at a press conference, the defendants belonged to the military “Wolverine Watchman”, they intended to instigate a civil war in the country and face charges related to terrorism and conspiracy to commit a kidnapping.

The plan of the militia members, who had been infiltrated by FBI informants, It was trying her for “treason” in a hideout in a remote part of Wisconsin and they did not rule out ending her life.

Governor Whitmer appeared this afternoon to thank officers “who risked their lives to defend” that of his family.

Whitmer criticized, without naming him, US President Donald Trump, for not having categorically rejected violence of far-right groups during the race riots that have rocked the entire country and in which some militias have intervened violently against the anti-racist protesters.

“When our leaders meet, embolden or fraternize with domestic terrorists, they legitimize their actions and are complicit “said the governor in a statement.

The group to which the detainees belonged was born this summer after a meeting with more than a dozen people in Ohio who intended to create a self-sufficient militia, according to the local Detroit Free Press.

In July, the defendants planned to kidnap or kill the governor at her vacation home on Michigan’s Mackinac Island, since they considered that to take the state capitol, something that entered their plans, they required more than 200 militiamen.

Members of the group tried to procure maps and plans of the governor’s vacation home to execute the plan this October.

Governor Whitmer has been the target of criticism from conservative groups and far-right militias since she decided to impose the closure of commercial activity and agglomerations in the state as measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Groups of armed militiamen they decided to protest this spring before the state Capitol, seat of the Legislative, against the governor and against what they considered a violation of their constitutional rights.

Source: EFE and AP



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