Przewalski’s horses are a descendant of domestic horses that were on the verge of extinction in the last century and that, today, they are still in danger.

Little Kurt is a specimen of this species that has been cloned from genetic material cryopreserved in 1980, as reported Gizmodo.

Has become the first horse of its kind cloned with worldwide success through a sample taken 40 years ago from a horse that had a unique ancestry from two wild “founding” specimens.

The embryo was implanted in a domestic horse, and the pregnancy developed normally. The foal was born “completely healthy and reproductively normal“according to Shawn Walker, ViaGen Equine Chief Scientific Officer.

“This foal is expected to be one of the genetically most important of their kind. We are hopeful that it will recover significant genetic variation for the future of the Przewalski horse population, “said Bob Wiese, director of biological sciences at San Diego Zoo Global.

With this birth, it is expected that within “five to 10 years” this foal will mature and mate, increasing the number of horses of your breed, thus contributing “to the genetic diversity of its species and to the future.”

Thus, has become hope of his species and of all those in danger of extinction.