One of the drawbacks of the PCR test, the fastest test to detect the coronavirus, is that it takes several hours to produce the result. But now comes a PCR that in just 40 minutes can give reliable results, with a very low rate of false negatives and no possibility of giving false positives, reports Digital Economy.

This test has been developed by the German firm Bosch, specialized in household appliances and automotive components. According to the company, the PCR is CE certified. The company states in a statement that “it is predestined for decentralized use in mobile test centers in motorway or airport service stations. The people doing the test can get a reliable result while at the test site. “

According to Bosch, the test takes exactly 39 minutes. In one day, the device can do 160 tests with a sensitivity of 98%. Also, it is impossible to give false positives.

Bosch developed the test in March with financial support from the German government. A cotton swab is taken from the nose or throat, which is then inserted into the test cartridge. with the necessary reagents for the test. This cartridge is inserted into the Vivaltyc device for automated analysis.

Bosch wants to make a million tests before the end of 2020.