The fascinating life of Luis Miguel’s double: how he became his “twin”

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His name is Andrés Urrustarazu, but he works like Andrés Rey. From Saladillo to the world, break the silence: his replacements, the Netflix series, Marcela Basteri and more. An extensive talk with Clarín.

He owes his profession to a certain Carlos, an Argentine friend of Luisito Rey, who saw him at the Hotel Dos Reyes in Mar del Plata and was stunned, like someone looking at a man escaped from his portrait, at a hologram.

“Anyway,” the man yelled and asked for his phone number. It was 1995, there was no Instagram to share the find, and no Wifi to send selfies to Plutonium in two seconds. Luis Miguel was about to sing New York, New York on Frank Sinatra’s 80th birthday, while Andrés Urrustarazu, who was ending his vacation and returning to his home in the Buenos Aires city of Saladillo, gave the fixed family number, disbelieving.

The call occurred a year later, in December 1996. The LM staff needed “help”, for someone identical to come out to “calm the beasts” that were camped with an umbrella and pillow at the doors of a Recoleta hotel. “Micky” had not slept for days due to the bellowing, so his desperate surroundings called the Argentine clone.

Urrustarazu (later renamed Andrés Rey) arrived at the Buenos Aires center as fast as he could, saw the cryptic star at four meters, and received the first indications. Palms raised, he walked out the window of the Four Seasons presidential suite and debuted as a “greeter.” Disjointed, like Francisco puzzled after the white smoke, he was giving birth to a character, the official “clueless”. The double.

He was born almost 500 days after Luis Miguel, on August 12, 1971. He is five centimeters taller than him (1.83), shows the same tan palette and in his Spotify list the Mexican is not first, nor second: Its ranking is headed by Gustavo Cerati, Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota, Charly García, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Julio Iglesias and Camilo Sesto.

You can play a show in La Matanza and a few hours later repeat in a bunker in Nordelta. He understood Luismi’s anti-crack halo when business began to prosper from one habitat to another. One day he sang at an orthodox Jewish event in which “he could not hold women’s hands” and the other day he hugged the employees of a San Juan gold mine.

For seven months he has not reincarnated in the Sun of Mexico. The pandemic ended business parties, 15th birthday trains, kissing delivery, and baby showers. In quarantine, he was dispatched with some other show by Zoom, or personalized videos, but he feels nostalgic. He spends his isolation in Saladillo, where his family has a farm. Social distance and abstinence from “luismigueo”.

Andrés in a white limousine, Andrés in a private jet, Andrés in a Punta del Este resort. The photos speak. Being a pseudo Luis Miguel has its privileges. He was never closer to luxury, millions and fame, but he is clear that “everything is borrowed.”

Basque-French blood, a River fan, rumbed for an engineer, but the Aztec Sun needed to unfold and resorted to their services. Change of plans for “The unconditional”, which is presented as “the true double”. The lost twin born in the lands of Marcela Basteri.

What will it be like to live with Luis Miguel in the body? What is it like to abandon it for almost a year to put on the chinstrap? Identity crisis, blurred boundaries, how not to believe the one it imitates? A trip to the center of your head.

-Do you do therapy?

-Never went. I don’t know if I will do good or bad, or if I get along with my madness. I have a chip. I go in and out of character. I really like being Andrés, I have a son, parents, a family that loves me, I feel happy to be who I am, I have a life of my own, my own tastes and I am clear that I am not Luis Miguel.

-Before that man brought you closer to Luis Miguel’s staff, did they notice your resemblance?

-If I went, for example, to an ice cream parlor they would tell me “Luis Miguel!” And my girlfriends were all fans of him, something was obviously there. But until then I had nothing to do with the artistic world, nor did I have any idea how to make a profit from the resemblance.

-What happened after that baptism of fire waving as if you were him?

-I was shocked, stunned with what I found. I came from the field, calm, I did not know how to produce myself. Two days later they took us to eat at Fechoría, to a place reserved exclusively. There was a small spoon, a large spoon, I didn’t know how to start eating. It was a new world. It was a lot of money for me at the time, I could pay rent in Palermo and a private college. I signed a confidentiality agreement. And Alejandro Romay called me.


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