The far right and the mafia seek to take advantage of the protests in

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The government of Italy prepares to approve this Monday the third decree of restrictions in three weeks, while the protests streets due to the closures of activities, to which are added the poisoning of ultras left and right, and crash personnel from the mafias, who try to appropriate the national malcontent.

“The Camorra and the other mafias are the ones most interested in being close to the parts that suffer the most in society & rdquor ;, he explained Federico Cafiero de Raho, national anti-mafia prosecutor. According to the magistrate, the mafias “touch each other at points of reference of the suffering population and, by supporting the demonstrations, they show closeness to the social parties to achieve social consensus.

Through the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic (Copsair) and the EU portal Euvsdisinfo, it has been known that the secret services have put under scrutiny ten portals close to the propaganda of the Kremlin (Russia). In one of them it is read that while Trump Y Putin “They have financially supported the workers hit by the economic crisis, in Italy they have been abandoned by the State & mldr;. & Rdquor ;. “The civil war It is a step away & rdquor ;, said another, after a meeting held last Tuesday by the Superior Council of Defense, of which the President of the Republic forms part. “The propaganda has been fired again and we are not amazed & rdquor ;, he commented Enrico Borghi, the Copsair member who follows the file on Covid-19.

However, the impression is that for the moment what worries Interior most is the parallel presence on the streets of the ultras on the right and left, sometimes physically close and others at a distance. They yell “freedom, freedom! & Rdquor; without understanding very well what they are referring to, although they often add “Down with the health dictatorship! & rdquor ;. Some Interior leaks indicate that “there is a central direction & rdquor; of the violent demonstrations, all of them “launched from a single call from Facebook & rdquor ;.

Neo-fascism takes to the streets

“I am concerned about the controversies of who blows on the fire and that somehow does not distance themselves in a clear way from the vandalism and violence that we have seen in Naples, Rome, Turin, Milan & rdquor ;, says the Minister of the Interior tiredly, Luciana Lamorgese. The reference to the most quarrelsome parties on the right, the League of Matteo Salvini and Brothers of Italy (FdI) of Giorgia Meloni, it is evident. Both parties have also demonstrated, wearing masks with the national flag, blaming the closure of activities on the government and refusing to collaborate with the Executive that has offered to decide together the necessary measures. “Not Available & rdquor ;, they have responded, opposing the activity closures.

These demonstrations, almost all unauthorized, take place in parallel with those of the people most affected by the closures. It is about civil protests that do what they can not to be confused with others, without always succeeding. Among the sectors of the population affected is the large number who work in black (19% national) and, as such, cannot access State aid and therefore ask for a minimum income.

This weekend in Rome and nearby cities, 13 simultaneous demonstrations took place, demanding a “rent for all & rdquor; and investments in health, schools and transport. In Florence there was another, with attempted assaults on shops and police charges. In Turin, in addition to vandalism, robbed and robbed luxury stores. In some there were only 300 people and in others 3,000. In Milan, 13 of those arrested were minors. In other cities they were immigrants.

“Forza Nuova recruits ultras and minors & rdquor ;, has the headline of a newspaper, referring to the far-right party close to the Brothers of Italy (FdI) led by Meloni, which has organized its demonstration in Ostia, the beach of Rome. Other sectors protest with them or independently neofascistas like Casa Pound, Forza Nuova, Azione Frontale and Magnitudo, who claim to be “patriots, militants and guerrillas & rdquor; and be “at war with the system & rdquor ;. The “no mask & rdquor; that in these days a viral video of empty hospitals and emergencies has been posted on the networks, while the government announced that, if the infections continue like this, in 20 days the places in the centers will be finished.



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