Over the years, Man-Ken, who has undergone more than 70 beauty surgeries, today Jessica Alves, 37, has now operated on his nose 12 times. In his most recent surgery, Alves went to Istanbul, Turkey.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Alves spoke openly about how not everything has gone exactly according to the script in terms of his latest cuts.

– Over the years, I have had a lot of problems, I have visited a number of nose surgeries in Brazil, Colombia, Iran, the United States and here in Istanbul with great success, Alves said.

– On the other hand, I have also had inflammation in the cartilage. Problems arose when I used cartilage from a donor. That’s where the problems started a few years ago, he continued.

Failed surgery

This is the last time Alves says he underwent nose surgery in January. At the time, he was being operated on in Iran. Not everything went according to plan at the time.

– The doctor cleaned my nose and removed all the cartilage. He left no cartilage, and that’s why my nose shrank, Alves says.

Now the damage from the previous surgery has been repaired in the new surgery. In Istanbul, his nose was repaired by adding cartilage to it again.

The operation was not easy to get to, and Alves went through as many as five different doctors before finding a Turkish surgeon, Ali Gürlekinwho agreed to operate on his nose.

“I saw five different surgeries and each of them refused surgery because they didn’t know how they would have done it, and they were really negative,” Alves says.

– Now Dr. Ali Gürlek used cartilage in my ear.

Eventually, a suitable surgeon was found, and breathing Alves, for example, is already easier than before, in his own words. It’s now a couple of weeks since the surgery, and the results look promising.

– I can breathe much better now.

Numerous surgeries

Alves has been reported to have spent more than 700,000 euros on beauty surgeries, which have not always been successful. In addition to nasal decay and the risk of falling, his teeth have fallen and his chin has torn.

Alves has had his surgery paid for thanks to his family’s millions in wealth. The family once created giant fortunes through farming, but later the business expanded to run supermarkets and shopping malls as well as the real estate business.

Source: Daily Mail