Garbiñe Muguruza is in a period of impasse in his tennis season, so he has taken the opportunity to spend some very special work days to do what is known as “experimental training”, a new fashion very much in vogue in elite sport.

The former world number 1 has been put in the hands of the Civi GuardHe, who have helped him carry out a series of training sessions with various special body groups.

First, Muguruza donned the diving suit to accompany a unit of the GEAS, the Groups of Underwater Activities Specialists of the meritorious in Palma de Mallorca, to carry out a rescue drill on the high seas.

Accompanied by an instructor and several agents, the tennis player saw in a helicopter how a possible castaway gets on and then got off a boat to end up diving in a cave until reaching a bubble.

The next day, Garbiñe changed the diving suit and the neoprene suit for the mountain clothes to go with the GREIM, the Mountain Intervention Special Rescue Groups. This unit is in charge of crossing through wooded and rocky areas to help lost hikers or to carry out recovery and extraction tasks, in the event of an accident where helicopters cannot land.

Finally, Muguruza has completed the three days participating in a self defense class. There, several agents have simulated a scenario of aggression and how it should act. In addition, they have taught him to hit when necessary.