The pandemic that has marked 2020 started in China, a country whose secrecy has been widely criticized in the management of the crisis but which now provides hopeful data for the rest of the world. His extreme decisions when fighting the coronavirus they have allowed us to speak of relative normality.

That does not imply that they have relaxed, and the best example is what one of the capital’s football teams has done on their trip to Qatar to play the Asian Champions League. The Beijing Gouan, one of the most important complexes in the city, faces the FC Seoul Korean at the Qatar Foundation Stadium in Rayán, as matches are not yet allowed on their field. To undertake the journey they have had to take a plane, logically, but that does not imply that they do it without taking into account what is happening.

Thus, as they have shared on the Weibo social network (the equivalent of twitter in China), it is seen how the members of the expedition have taken security measures to the extreme. In addition to the mandatory test PCR Before traveling, all the players and members of the coaching staff have been perfectly isolated with PPE suits, masks, gloves and some with protective screens.

It has been the club itself who has provided them with this extra kit, as well as a new one for the return journey when they play the match.