F1 series age inhibitor Kimi Räikkönen the sequel in the F1 series got Iltalehti’s F1 expert Jyrki Järvilehdon nod in approval. When you have the motivation and enthusiasm to drive, you shouldn’t be surprised to continue your handsome career.

– Let’s make the most of next year. There are two more Finns involved, it’s a tough thing, Järvilehto reminds.

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This year, Räikkönen has collected two World Championship points. Järvilhto’s expectations for the 2007 world champion will not be very high next year either

– Alfa Romeo’s car is not very good. When cars are barely allowed to be developed next year, it is difficult to see how the situation would change next season.

Maybe Räikkönen is in silence about a surprising role change?

– None of us know if there’s anything in the background. Maybe he’s going to do something else with the team when the driving then sometimes ends? Will he become a team boss, a partner, or something else? Maybe he wants to study this for another year, Järvilehto says.

The last mohicans

Next year, Räikkönen’s old familiar racing partner will also return to the tracks Fernando Alonso. The 39-year-old Spaniard is the second oldest and most experienced driver in the series after Räikkönen.

– Kimi will not look the end of next year, there are now two priests, Järvilehto laughs.

You should make the most of this. Järvilehto believes that youth will be a tough word in the future.

– It is hard to believe that in the future no one will be able to make such a long and handsome career in formula number one anymore. If someone can be involved for 20 years, that’s a really tough thing to do.