The exciting anecdote of Sophia Loren with the child actor Ibrahima Gueye

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The Italian actress told tender details of the filming of Life ahead, the film in which she stars and premiered Netflix.

A historical fact that can become another historical fact: at the age of 86 the myth Sophia Loren returned to the cinema. He did it directed by his son Edoardo Ponti in Life ahead of him, a film that Netflix premiered a few days ago. Her performance may lead to a new Oscar in 2021. She received one in 1962 for the film Two women and another in 1991, honorary.

In The life ahead, the Italian queen plays a Holocaust survivor, who makes her living sheltering the children of prostitutes at her home: for a stipulated price, she opens her house to them, while she faces her old age.

“My son and I share a creative soul that makes us understand each other almost just by looking at each other. I love working with him, ”he explained to The vanguard.

Based on the novel by Romain Gary, the film portrays Madame Rosa in her small apartment in Bari. “The message of the film is that of tolerance and love. We all have the right to be loved, to have our dreams come true,” Loren added in an interview with the newspaper. The Republic.

The great revelation of the film was Ibrahima Gueye (Mohamed or Momo in the story), a Senegalese boy who was chosen among 300 applicants and that he lived with the Italian while the filming lasted.

Ibrahima had had a part in a dramatic telefilm (Adouna: Life, the world, 2012) and in a short call Black doll (2019). In fiction he plays the little boy Loren must protect. Reluctantly, she will agree to take care of him. He lives on the street and after robbing him in a market, everything seems mistrust. Over time, they will forge a strong, tender and supportive bond.

“With Ibrahima we were together since the morning, we watched TV, we chatted and we got to know each other,” Loren said excitedly.

The great anecdote: “We became such friends that, after a particularly hard rehearsal, he told me that he felt bad because he had to say horrible things to my face, insult me, and went home at the end of filming wanting to cry.”

“He asked me for permission to do what the script called for. It was very nice. After relieving that weight, he was so delighted that every time he had to insult me, he had a great time, ”Loren commented in La Vanguardia.

On the other hand, the actress of A particular day He confessed: “The coexistence between the actress and the person has never been easy. Many people think they know how you are going to behave; expects from you a way of being determined. But I am very shy like so many actors. I try hard not to be, but it doesn’t always work out. Sometimes I feel like I say things that I want to communicate, other times I can’t ”.

“At other times, I don’t say what I would like to say or I feel like a simple person and I want to run away. That makes it seem like I’m uncomfortable when I’m around people. I hate being like that. It has always been very difficult for me to find the time to be myself in public. To be normal “he admitted.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been, in the movies or in my life, a submissive ‘mamma’. My characters have shown a proud Italian woman, capable of keeping the family together. I always tried to be like my own mother, my idol. But in that post-world war in Italy, such painful things happened that, sometimes like Madame Rosa in the film, when she takes refuge in the basement where she felt safe during the war, she too needed to hide and be alone. Like everyone ”.

A curiosity linked to the Netflix film: the first adaptation of the novel, Madame Rosa, was directed in 1977 by Israeli Moshe Mizrahi and won the Oscar for best foreign film the following year.



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