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The coronavirus is expanding more and more throughout Europe, which causes more restrictive measures to be taken in most of their countries. Some countries are preparing for a “tough for everyone” fall and winter, with more than a thousand cases a day.

Although the number of deaths has decreased compared to the months of March and April, there are some countries that are beating infection records.

The reason may be the realization of test has increased, even going so far as to do them en masse in some areas. Something that did not take place during the first months of the pandemic.

Situation in Europe

The latest figures posted in Spain warn of a situation that is getting worse and worse: 12,183 new positives,according to the last daily health balance. In this way, it already reaches 566,326, and 29,747 deaths.

France has detected a “clear deterioration”As Prime Minister Jean Castex has stated, with more than 10,000 new cases this Saturday.

The UK has made the decision to restrict social gatherings to six people, both indoors and outdoors. The country is “on the verge of losing control”, as a former scientific adviser to the Government has warned, by now exceeding 3,000 cases a day.

Austria is already at “the beginning of the second wave”, according to Sebastian Kurz, the chancellor. “Autumn and winter will be hard for everyone”, he warned. This government has wanted to prevent a further spread of the virus, introducing the mandatory nature of the mask in shops.

The Czech Republic is breaking records for daily cases, with 1,541 positives this Saturday. “No one expected such a peak”, said Adam Vojtech, the Minister of Health, surprised.

Belgium is also touching the thousand cases a day, with 941 positives this Saturday.

Germany is far from the figures which were reached the toughest months of the pandemic, confirming approximately 1,700 daily cases.

Italy does not present a worrying situation either: the cases they oscillate the 1,500 daily. The Lombardy area, where a large part of those infected are concentrated, continues to stand out as one of the main focuses.

In Denmark they are contemplating new tougher restrictions, having increased the cases to 341, oscillating the figures reached in April.

Hungary has confirmed 961 new cases this Saturday, although Prime Minister Viktor Orban foresees a higher rise in a “massive contagion”. Despite these alarming data, he considers that there should not be a new confinement or the closure of businesses. Yes, it is considering limiting the hours of bars, adding to the mandatory nature of the mask in the premises.



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