The European Parliament rejects self-determination within the EU

The European Parliament today established by a large majority, during its plenary session held in Brussels, that self-determination has no place within the European Union. It has done so by rejecting an amendment submitted by ERC, which has been rejected with 487 votes against, 37 abstentions and 170 votes in favor.

The European Parliament has ruled in this regard by rejecting an amendment submitted by ERC MEP Diana Riba in which it was stated that “all the peoples of the Union have the right of self-determination, by virtue of which they can freely establish their political status and freely provide for their economic, social and cultural development ”.

Among these deputies who voted in favor of self-determination were the MEPs of Podemos and talso the MEPs of Bildu, ERC and PNV. This decision affects territories such as Catalonia, the Basque Country, Flanders or the Tyrol.

Javier Zarzalejos, a PP MEP, has pointed out that “the European Parliament has spoken in line with the Spanish Constitution and has recalled that self-determination has no place in the European legal system.”

“It is worrying, however, that a party like Podemos that is currently part of the Government, keep pushing in this direction and voted today for self-determination”, Added Zarzalejos.



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