In a communique, The European Commission (EC) announces that it has decided to support hospitals that have shown interest in robots that can be used for disinfection. CE also explains how such a robot works.

“Hospitals in most Member States have expressed their need and interest in receiving these robots, which can disinfect standard patient rooms using ultraviolet light in as little as 15 minutes, helping to prevent and reduce the spread of the virus. . The process is controlled by an operator located outside the space to be disinfected, in order to avoid any exposure to UV light “, it is shown in the communiqué of the European Executive.

“The development of technologies can create vectors of change, a good example of this being robots for disinfection. I welcome this action to help our hospitals in Europe reduce the risk of infection – an important step in combating the spread of coronavirus, “EC Vice President Margrethe Vestager was quoted as saying.

The robots will be purchased and delivered in the coming weeks. According to the European Commission, a specific budget of up to EUR 12 million is available for this purpose through the Emergency Support Instrument.