The EU rejects the adoption of the Hong Kong security law and threatens retaliation against Beijing

On Tuesday, the EU rejected approval of the controversial Hong Kong security law in the Chinese National Congress, assuring that the reform undermines and threatens to retaliate in response to maneuvers in Beijing.

This is how the President of the Council, Charles Michel, and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, have insisted that the controversial reform imposed by Beijing Hong Kong, the status of the enclave and its principle of autonomy whether China is fulfilling its international obligations.

“It has a negative effect on the judiciary and the rule of law, so we reject this decision,” said the former Belgian prime minister. The new regulation continues all activities considered “secession”, “undermining” or “terrorism” and will enter into force on Wednesday.

In his view, the reform will affect business confidence in the Asian giant and the reputation of the Chinese regime, both in Hong Kong and in the international arena.

On what retribution the EU can take now, von der Leyen recalled that he had already warned that the adoption of this reform would have “negative consequences” for China. For this reason, the community block is in talks with its international partners and will focus on “how to respond,” said the German Conservative without going into further detail.

“We are going to assess it carefully, we are working with the European institutions and this is the process we are immersed in,” he explained, asking whether the EU will follow Parliament’s resolution calling for “sanctions and freezing of assets against Chinese officials responsible for designing and implementing policies that violate human rights. “

Michel, for his part, has emphasized that any response to China requires “strong coordination” between Member States to decide what to do in the “near future”.

The adoption of the law comes after the Chinese Communist Party Politburo started the last three days of the meeting on Sunday with reference to the legislation, including the establishment in the territory of a “commission for the defense of national security” It is charged with prosecuting all irregular activities contained in this new law.



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