EU foreign ministers reached an agreement with the Belarusian leader on Monday Alexander Lukashenko sanctions, writes AFP news agency.

The aim is to increase pressure against the Lukashenko regime. Lukashenko’s name was added to the previous sanctions list of 40 names under his administration.

Sanctions include travel bans and seizures of property in the EU.

Negotiations were attempted

Until now, Lukashenko himself was not on the list because he was being persuaded to negotiate with his country’s opposition.

On Sunday in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, opposition protests were once again brutally dispersed and this was ultimately too much for EU decision-makers.

– Violence continues, peaceful protesters are arrested. Now was the time to act, the German Foreign Minister said Heiko Maas Meeting in Luxembourg. Germany is currently holding the rotating EU presidency.

Belarus held presidential elections in August, which Lukashenko claimed to have won. The EU considers the elections fraudulent and has refused to recognize Lukashenko as President of Belarus.