“The August 9 elections were neither free nor fair. The EU does not recognize falsified results. As such, the so-called swearing-in of September 23 and the new mandate demanded by Alexander Lukashenko have no democratic legitimacy “and” directly contradict the will of large sections of the Belarusian population, “the statement said in a statement. EU Foreign Policy Representative.

“The EU’s position is clear, Belarusian citizens deserve the right to be represented by those they choose freely, through new open, transparent and credible elections,” the statement said.

More than 100 people were arrested in Belarus on Wednesday at rallies after Lukashenko was sworn in in his sixth term.

The human rights NGO Viasna registered the arrest of 115 people – mostly in the capital – where water cannons and riot police wearing masks dispersed thousands of protesters.

The United States “cannot consider Alexander Lukashenko as the legitimate president-elect of Belarus,” the US State Department reacted on Wednesday after he took the oath in secret.

“The elections on August 9 were neither free nor fair. The announced result was rigged and does not confer any legitimacy “, a spokesman for American diplomacy underlined in a statement sent to AFP.