If we are talking about an industry that in times of a pandemic had unparalleled growth, that is definitely that of the video game and now many large companies see the potential in the arena of sports.

At this time there is a wide offer of sports tournaments and these in turn can be related to the official leagues of the games in which they are played, or they can be initiatives by separate rope, ventures of companies such as Rivals.

In case you don’t know her, Rivals It is a competition that is in its second edition, which resulted from the efforts of Trident and Halls, and which for this year comes from the hand of the Mexican League of Videogames (LMV) in a format 100% online.

In Rivals 2020 Each brand will have a team that will represent it and they will face each other in the fifth season of the Mexican League of Videogames. The titles in which the disputes will be fought will be Fortnite, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and Free Fire.

The competition will feature recognized talents from the world of gaming and esports, as Trident’s side will act as representatives Bride and MkLeo -this last international champion of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-, while with Halls they will be The Fedelobo and GoddessAlfa.

About the bag, Rivals and the Mexican League of Videogames will boast one that will be close to the 200 thousand Mexican pesos in prizes (products and equipment for gaming, games, merchandise and cash) and that will be for the winners of the four circuits of the season.

The grand finale will be in December and all those who are interested in participating can take a tour of the official site of the League, where all the details of the competition, including the calendar and regulations.