With the pandemic cruising again in the UK, the dispute over ATP Finals at the O2 Arena he has forced to take extreme precautions and limit the capacity to avoid infections. The Masters Cup 2020 is being very rare in this sense for tennis players, but in a crisis there is always an opportunity and the organizers have taken advantage of it.

Those who have seen the first matches will have noticed a very notable absence: there are no linesmen. The ATP It has replaced them with technology, with the aim not only of minimizing the presence of personnel on the track, but also to test against a possible permanent elimination of its figure in the future.

“I think when you look at what it really brings, it is capable of giving a fairer result and improving the integrity of the game. It is also dynamic and keeps the pace of the game. Why wouldn’t we consider adopting a new technology, which can bring that value to the sport and ultimately ensure optimal refereeing accuracy for the players? “explained before the tournament Ross Hutchins, one of the tournament directors.

This technology had already been tested in others, such as the ATP Cup, but in a complementary or parallel way to the linesmen. The intention is not to kill the referees immediately, but from the international circuit they want to implement more and more technological elements. They were already pioneers in the ‘Hawk Eye‘, today used in many other sports such as football, and they also intend to be so in this new field.