The emotional farewell of Ricardo Arjona to Diego Maradona

The musician, from his networks, dedicated heartfelt words to the former player who died this Wednesday.

The death of Diego Maradona moved and continues to move the entire planet. The reaction of artists, athletes, politicians and personalities from all over the world, multiplied to pay tribute to the former soccer player.

One of those who added to fire Ten was Ricardo Arjona. The Guatemalan musician made a post on his social networks, remembering his meeting with the popular idol who died this Wednesday, November 25 at the age of 60 due to heart failure.

“I don’t know where one goes, but Where have you gone, have a ball and a shirt with 10 to greet you“, wrote the singer sharing with the public the sadness for the departure of Diego.

The post paying tribute to the former soccer player was published on his official Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, where he has millions of followers. In addition, he accompanied him with a black and white photo where you can see them both, smiling in a dressing room, during a visit by the musician to The night of the 10, the program that Maradona hosted in 2005 for El Trece.

Arjona said that, during a concert of his in Buenos Aires, 30 years ago, Maradona appeared in the theater and surprised the singer in the middle of a show. And also, he gave him a Boca shirt.

In addition, according to the singer-songwriter, there were several times he crossed paths with El Diez. And always with the same joy and enthusiasm, and at each meeting, Maradona gave him a new club shirt.

“In the early ’90s, I was doing a concert at the Opera when suddenly, dribbling around the seats on a balcony, without warning, Maradona leaned out singing loudly I KNOW YOU. The hand of God waved from above to the rhythm of the song with Claudia’s clear smile at his side, “the musician said in his networks.

And he added: “The greatest of all had come to the concert. I saw him several more times, each one left me a shirt; perhaps the most important of all was when he broke into a balcony where I was in the Bombonera just to give me a hug , he took off the emblematic of Boca and gave it to me “.

Finally, he concluded his post with an emotional phrase: “I don’t know where one is going to stop, but where have you gone, have them have a ball and a T-shirt with 10 to receive you.”

In this way, outside the sports field, Arjona joined the international artists who wanted to fire the star. They did the same, from Charly García to Susana Giménez, passing through Andrés Calamaro, Fito Páez, Griselda Siciliani, Moria Casán, Pablo Echarri, Florencia Peña, Nacha Guevara, Esteban Lamothe, Santiago Del Moro, Pablo Lescano and Sebastián Ortega, among other Argentines .

Many international celebrities also remembered and paid tribute to Maradona in their networks, such as Ricky Martin, Queen’s British musicians, Noel Gallagher (who posted a photo with his brother Liam, former of Oasis), Maluma, British model Naomi Campbell, J. Balvin, Joaquín Sabina, Alejandro Sánz, Resident of Calle 13.

And also Antonio Banderas, Julio Iglesias, Salma Hayek, Sebastián Yatra, Carlos Vives, Ricardo Montaner, the Mexicans Gael García Bernal and Florinda Meza (the widow of Roberto Gómez Bolaños), the Italians Eros Ramazzotti and Raffaella Carrá, among many more, in such a varied arc of personalities as only Maradona could muster.




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