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VIENNA (VG) On Wednesday night, Per Kristian Bråtveit (24) excelled in his national team debut. The road there was of the improbable kind.

– Five days? It feels like a year. These are the five longest days in my life, Bråtveit says to VG after the emergency national team

away to Austria in Vienna.

It is actually only five days since he was called up to the original national team squad, because Norway had to do without the elite series keepers Sondre Rossbach and André Hansen for what they thought would be a trip to Romania on Saturday.

It did not get that easy. Bråtveit lined up in Oslo on Saturday with a plan to travel the same day, but was instead stuck in quarantine at Thon Hotel Storo with the rest of the squad. While the teammates in turn went home on Sunday, Bråtveit stayed, because he has had coronavirus and could thus join the emergency national team to Austria.

On Monday, the emergency national team came flying into Oslo from various European cities. On Tuesday morning, everyone was in a hotel near Oslo Airport, isolated in their respective rooms while waiting for the test results that allowed them to meet to travel together to Vienna.

17 test results were negative. One was so-called “inconclusive”. Unsure. It was Bråtveit’s test.

– It was a slap in the face. I felt like the whole week had been turbulent. Now we were finally all in Norway, we were ready to fly, I knew I had a corona, so I thought I was “good to go”. Then I get it. Then you will be empty. I think “of course this will happen to me now”, says the goalkeeper.

The emergency national team traveled to Vienna on Monday afternoon – with one goalkeeper. For Bråtveit, the battle against the clock continued in Norway.

– I was called down by everyone in Norway more or less. But I had to pick up the phone too, because I had to talk to those who were going to fix new tests for me. It was an exciting Monday, says Bråtveit.

He took a quick test and an ordinary test. The answer to the quick test came after just one hour.

– It was the longest hour of my life. I just sat and prayed to God that it was negative. Oh my God. Then a lot goes through your head. It was pretty tough.

The rapid test was negative. Thus, Bråtveit could travel to Vienna on Wednesday morning, the same day as the match. Before the private plane took off from Oslo Airport, the answer to the ordinary test also came. Negative again. Everything was ready for battle.


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