The egg about the national team: – Must remember that football is a team game

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Nils Arne Eggen (79) thinks it is surprising that Serbia appeared as a very good collective on Ullevaal, while Norway became the individualists without cooperation.

– I rarely comment on the national team at the moment, but I am disappointed that we did not win. We must admit that we were not good enough. Both the management and the players have said that, Eggen begins with VG.

Serbia beat a gray Norway 2-1 (after extra innings) in the European Championship playoffs on Thursday night:

– Serbia surprised and impressed me. They created attacking games, and that’s what I’m looking at, Eggen adds.

Questions about what should have been better in Norway, become unmanageable for the old Rosenborg coach. He smiles well and teaches VG’s reporter:

– There are lots of things that need to be fixed, and anything can happen on Sunday (against Romania). In the literature, we call such rhetorical questions so wide that they cannot be answered.

– Are we dazzled by our own, young players, such as Haaland, Ødegaard, Berge and Ajer? Do we think the national team is better than it is?

– Yes, yes, yes, the national team management probably thinks about that too. But I do not enter into a discussion about it. None of them had a great day yesterday, but all the ones you mention have inherent skills. When they bloom in full bloom, and at the same time, it gets much better, but we must actually remember that football is team play, says Eggen, who addresses himself “directly to VG” with the following teachings:

– Individuals are dependent on a play pattern, which starts from the very back, and which gives them opportunities to bring out their cutting-edge skills. We were bad at that. We mostly just hit long balls on Alexander (Sørloth) and Erling (Braut Haaland).

The egg expands:

– It must be a game that leads to situations they can exploit. It is not possible to operate with one and one top competence, ie the skill of one and one player. You have to put it together into a pattern, and then we will be good, he thinks.

It was precisely that side that impressed him at Serbia.


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