‘The Dutch must show proof of unfavorable corona test before visiting Belgium’

Dutch people who want to go to Belgium must now be able to offer proof of a negative corona test, publishes articles the Belgian news agency Belgian based on sources. Travelers from other countries need to now also show a recent unfavorable test result. It is not yet very clear whether exceptions are made for certain sets of border traffic.

New measures will probably be announced at a press conference within the southern neighbors on Friday from 7 p.m. That tourists must be able to submit a negative culminación test would be one of them.

Belgium doubts a large influx of Dutch folks who want to shop in Belgium for the reason that most shops in the Netherlands needed to close. It is also shopping Sunday all through Belgium this weekend.

Dutch excellent who want to be able to cross the border to Germany must currently register and turn into quarantined for ten days about arrival. The quarantine is only done after a negative corona test. Furthermore, there are exceptions for certain groups of national boundaries traffic, such as students and staff members.

Belgian media expect curfews for being maintained in their own country, whilst skiing will be banned throughout the land. Residents returning from areas selected by the government as high-risk places would now be required to be quarantined, according to VRT News. This also involves the Netherlands.



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