The dramatic odyssey of Justina Bustos: the Argentine actress caught Covid and spent 33 days isolated in a hospital, in Africa

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The artist contracted the disease in Mauritius while filming a documentary and had a very bad time. Now he remembered it in his networks.

The experience was tremendousbut luckily now Justina busts you can count on it with peace of mind. In August of this year, the Argentine actress was infected with Covid in Mauritius, where she was filming a documentary and had to spend a month in isolation in a hospital, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Now he is back in Madrid, where he returned to fulfill several pending work commitments. From your Instagram account, Justina remembered the bad time that he had to live and thanked the help he received from different people.

Bustos, who was one of the protagonists of the Polka strip, The stars, In 2017 (along with Celeste Cid, Natalie Pérez, Marcela Kloosterboer and Violeta Urtizberea), I had several jobs outside of Argentina this year.

2020 began in the old continent, where she’s making her way as an actress and model. In March, he participated, in Paris, in the fashion show of the prestigious Chanel house, as a VIP guest figure. And then he moved to Madrid to fulfill other work commitments. And it was from the Spanish capital that Bustos traveled to Mauritius, a destination in the Indian Ocean, famous for its beaches, lagoons and reefs.

In this heavenly place that is part of Africa, Justina was filming a documentary. But at the end of August, everything changed when, despite showing no symptoms, he tested positive for coronavirus. And for that, he had to stay isolated in a hospital for more than a month.

The isolation, which lasted 33 days, was part of the measures that the Mauritius authorities imposed on all people who tested positive for Covid to prevent further infections.

Part of his stay in the hospital was recorded by the Spanish actress Yolanda Ramos, a friend of hers, who also had to remain in isolation at the health center

The 33 days became too long, away from her family and friends in Argentina, and Justina had to learn to manage her anxiety. From his Instagram account he tried to continue with his projects.

“Editor wanted. 33 days in the Mauritius hospital “He wrote on his networks trying to transform that hard moment into something positive. And she even posted an image from the place where she was hospitalized, accompanied by mantric music.

Your hospital stay in Africa interrupted many of the work plans that Justina had planned, not only in Spain but also in other European countries. But that is not all. Bustos had to return to Europe to fulfill professional contracts.

Now, back in Spain, the actress recalled with a post on Instagram the difficult moments that happened while she was hospitalized.

“I found the notebook from Africa,” he wrote. “They sent me bedtime stories. They told me about nomadic tribes that they did not need more than to feed and sing. My mother did not sleep for a month and three days. My father was the balm. I became friends with three Indian women. I slept a lot and didn’t sleep at all. I spoke with politicians, my Spanish friend made the bathroom our place. I was Italian “, he reviewed in his post.

He added: “I missed playing football. Inequality slapped me. The Consul of India in Cba did not sleep to comfort me the night they all left. Thank you all who gave me love and strength. ETERNALLY grateful for your love, generosity and being a part of this story that changed me. “

The actress accompanied her message with several photos that recall her passage through the African hospital, with drawings and notes she made while her isolation lasted, far from home.




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