The drama of Delonte West, the former NBA who spent millions for his family and lives on the streets, worsens

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The ex-player, just 37 years old, was photographed on a street corner asking for money to survive.

Nine months after making the news for the dramatic situation in which he lives, little has changed for the former NBA Delonte West. In the last hours, an image of her again transcended in the streets, where she lives despite having earned more than $ 15 million during his career in American professional basketball.

On this occasion, a painful photo was released showing West (barely 37 years old) with a backpack and cardboard, in which it is not noticed if he has a written message but that he would presumably use to beg.

The image was taken in North Dallas, in a corner with a traffic light where homeless people or work are usually located to ask for help from motorists who stop.

The photo is relatively surprising, because after his street situation and illness became known in January, when videos in which the former player appeared became viral getting hit and later on handcuffed and questioned by the policeMany former NBA colleagues had expressed their willingness to help him, as well as asked the League and the Players Association to lend a hand.

However, things do not seem to have taken a better course for this old perimeter, who was diagnosed in 2008 – when he was still playing in the best league in the world – with bipolar disorder.

West racked up 16.200.000 Dollars only by way of contracts with Boston, Seattle, Cleveland and Dallas during an eight-year career at the highest level in the United States, but he was losing money as he incurred expenses.

From a humble family, like the vast majority of players who make it to the NBA, West used a lot of money to help his relatives. He bought houses for his parents and did the same with his sister, to whom he paid for her studies and gave her a car. Without reinvesting what was harvested, it was running out of assets.

In those moments when his mental health complications were discovered, such issues were hardly addressed by teams and leagues and were even taboo. Today, especially from the verbal opening on the matter of stars as Kevin LoveThe DeMar DeRozan, there is much more contention for players going through psychological difficulties.

To West, who played for the legendary Celtics and shared a team with LeBron James, in addition to participating in 2007 – along with Andrés Nocioni- in the rookie game of the Game of starsNeither the NBA nor his teams helped him. With a condition even greater than that of some of the anxiety disorders or panic attacks that some players suffer, his life took increasingly difficult roads.

Now he was seen again destitute. According to some reports in the US media, some players and coaches tried to offer him assistance but, due to his health, Delonte did not want to receive it.


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