The sixth game of the Baseball World Series, which ended with triumph and title for Los angeles dodgers, left a most bizarre situation. The third baseman of the Californian team, Justin Turner, had to leave the field in the middle of the game upon learning that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

The controversy did not end there, since after the victory of his team did not hesitate to go out to celebrate with his partners.

The protocol of the MLB dictates that all players who are going to play must undergo a test, but this match started without having the total of results and Turner’s positive notification did not arrive until the second entry of the party.

The player was on the field, so the Major League forced the Dodgers to replace him to be quarantined. The situation generated a lot of confusion, since at the time it was not explained why Turner was leaving the field.

However, shortly afterwards the controversy flared, when Turner was caught in the middle of the team celebration, which was televised on Fox Sports 1, hugging his teammates. He was also seen taking pictures with the trophy in his arms and even removed his mask to take the team photo.

From the Dodgers they recognized that “if there are people around him without a mask it is not ideal, the truth, “but his colleagues tried to justify him.

Corey Seager stated on Fox Sports that “that man more than anyone you deserve to take a picture with the trophy, celebrate with us and have your family by your side enjoying this moment. “And his partner Mookie Betts, continued along the same lines: “Forget everything. It is part of our team.”