The event, now in its 19th edition, will take place this year between July 31 and August 9, in Cluj-Napoca.

“Everything will not be fine”, a road-movie in which a half-blind director tries to discover the effects of Chernobyl on himself, will be released in open-air cinemas on August 7, 2020, being distributed by microFILM.

On their journey, Adrian and Helena meet people affected by the 1986 nuclear disaster, and as they discover its impact on an entire generation, their health problems worsen and complicate their plans.

Adrian Pîrvu was born in 1986. His mother believed that Adrian’s glaucoma and partial blindness were caused by her visit to Ukraine, when she was 6 months pregnant. He is almost 30 years old, he is alone and confused. After his mother tells him the story of his birth, he decides to go to Ukraine to make a film about those affected by the disaster and find a way to reconcile with himself. In Kiev, he meets Helena, who grew up in the country severely affected by the nuclear accident, and becomes Adrian’s partner in making the documentary.

The screenplay and direction are signed by Adrian Pîrvu and Helena Maksyom, the editing – by Alexandru Radu and Vladimir Gojun, the image – by Denis Melnik, Radu Gorgos, Adrian Pîrvu, Helena Maksyom. Ioan Filip and Dan-Ştefan Rucăreanu sign the sound. Producers are Alexandru Solomon and Ada Solomon. Co-producers are Olena Yershova, Adrian Pîrvu and Andrii Yashchyshyn.

A graduate of UNATC, Adrian Pîrvu has directed and produced several short films and documentaries. After teaching English for a year in China, he worked as a producer for an NGO that supports people with disabilities. He is currently a freelancer editor. “Everything will not be fine” is his feature film debut.

Helena Maksyom graduated from Kiev Aviation University with a master’s degree in “Ecology and Environmental Protection”. He worked as a journalist, translator, and now focuses on cinema. And for Helena, “Everything Won’t Be Alright” is her feature film debut.

“Everything will not be fine” is a Hi Film production made in co-production with TATO FILM and microFILM, with the support of the National Center of Cinematography, the Film Agency of Ukraine, the Creative Europe – MEDIA Program of the European Union and the Romanian Television.

The documentary "Everything will not be fine", about the impact of the Chernobyl accident on a generation, world premiere at TIFF 2020