the docufilm on the famous photographer Friday 27 in prime time on Sky Arte

On Friday 27 November at 9.15 pm, Letizia Battaglia arrives on Sky Arte for the first time on TV. Shooting the mafia, documentary on the famous photographer Letizia Battaglia who told the Cosa Nostra.

After being presented at the Berlin Film Festival, the Biografilm Festival and the Sundance Film Festival, it debuts on Sky Arte (channels 120 and 400) on Friday 27 November at 9.15 pm, Letizia Battaglia. Shooting the Mafia, a docufilm of Kim Longinotto dedicated to Letizia Battaglia, the photojournalist who with her shots told the violence of the Mafia in Italy.

Letizia Battaglia, who started photographing at the age of 40, tells himself sincerely in the documentary. She talks about her marriage when she was very young and her work experience for the Palermo newspaper Time, where she became the first female photojournalist in Italy. In the mid-70s he begins to narrate, through his photos, the years of lead and the dominion of the Corleonesi clan. His is the famous photograph he portrays Giulio Andreotti together with the mafia Nino Salvo, but also shots, strictly in black and white, which tell the everyday life of his city. On January 6, 1980, Letizia Battaglia she is the first photojournalist to rush to the place where he is killed Piersanti Mattarella. A little later his photo “little girl with the ball” in the Palermo district of Cala goes around the world. After the assassination of the judge Giovanni Falcone, on May 23, 1992, the Battle leaves his business, travels, wins awards. To her work as a photographer, Letizia Battaglia it has always supported political commitment.

In the documentary Letizia Battaglia. Shooting the Mafia, Kim Longinotto he mixed photos and archive testimonies with interviews with people very close to Battle: his assistant Mariachiara Di Trapani, his former partner Santi Caleca, the journalist de Time Eduardo Rebulla.


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