Patty Jenkins is one of dozens of top Hollywood directors calling on the US government for a financial lifeline for cinemas. Without this support, the director warned, the century-old tradition of going to the movies could disappear from the culture, reports Reuters, quoted by

“This will not be a reversible process,” she said in an interview. “We could lose cinema forever.”

Jenkins said large-scale movie closures will cause Hollywood studios to stop investing in theaters and turn to streaming instead.

“It could be the kind of thing that happened to the music industry,” she said.

Expensive action movies like “Wonder Woman” would be much less common in streaming, she said, and the audience would lose the experience of watching on a big screen in a group. “I don’t think any of us want to live in a world where the only option is to take your kids to a movie in their own living room,” she said, “and you have nowhere to go on a date. . “

Some of the most important Hollywood movies of this year, including “Mulan” from Walt Disney Co., skipped cinemas and went live. Jenkins said the option is not being considered for its sequel, “Wonder Woman 1984.” Her 2017 film “Wonder Woman” grossed $ 822 million worldwide.

The sequel starring Gal Gadot is now scheduled to be released on Christmas Day after it was originally scheduled for June.