The difficult and painful present of Carmen Sevilla, the Spanish star who filmed with Sandro

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The actress and singer, known as “the bride of Spain”, turned 90 years old. He has suffered from Alzheimer’s for about a decade and is no longer recognized.

Actress, singer, dancer and television host, Carmen Sevilla had a brilliant career and he was a celebrity in the ’50s and’ 60s, not only in Spain, his country of origin, but also in Latin America and even in Hollywood. However, in the present he is going through a sad reality.

At 90 years old (she met them on Friday, October 16), Carmen Sevilla cannot remember anything from her golden age as a movie and television star due to Alzheimer’s that she has suffered from for several years, which is advancing inexorably.

The actress and singer was born on October 16, 1930 in Seville, as María del Carmen García Galisteo, and adopted her stage name in homage to her hometown. From a family of musicians, her grandfather and father composed verses for different artists, at the age of 14 Carmen was already dancing and dazzling with her Andalusian grace.

Throughout his extensive career, in addition to dancing, he filmed more than seventy films, starred in dozens of advertisements and was in charge of several programs on Spanish television, which made his figure one of the most famous in Spain for a long time. weather.

But her fame transcended borders and was required from other countries to star in movies: Italy, Mexico, Argentina and also the Mecca of cinema, Hollywood. In 1948, he shared the screen with Mexican star Jorge Negrete and at the age of 22, one of his most famous films arrived: Imperial Violets.

With Hollywood he had a strained relationship. She filmed alongside figures Yul Brynner and Charlton Heston but also turned down an important contract that bound her for five years to one of the best-known studios. He preferred to continue working in Europe.

On the other hand, his time in Hollywood also had an impact on his personal life. At that time there was talk of several romances of Carmen with stars like Heston himself, Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra.

However, she never confirmed them. Instead, she had two marriages: one with the composer and conductor Augusto Algueró, in 1961, with whom she had her only son, Augusto José.

In this framework of international significance, requested from different parts of the world, her fame also brought her to Argentina, in 1970, where she earned a space in the public and filmed the film Spell of love with Sandro, one of the stars of the moment.

In the film, shot in a ranch in the province of Buenos Aires, the couple lived a forbidden love story between a high society woman and a gypsy. With a similar profile of sexual symbols and with the popularity of both at its peak, the formula that reunited “the bride of Spain” with “Sandro de América” ​​could have no other result than a resounding success.

Many years later, the actress returned to Argentina and was interviewed by Alejandro Romay on his channel during his visit to the country.

On that same channel, between 1984 and 1985 and with his popularity somewhat overshadowed in his country by that gale that was called “uncover”, which left his style somewhat out of time, Seville starred in a television series for the first time, The white widow, along with Alejandro Rodrigo and Gerardo Romano.

For several decades of the 20th century, Carmen Sevilla was one of the most beloved and popular figures of the Spanish public. But today, all those memories remain in the shadows for her.

Many assure that Algueró composed I love you I love you, the song that became a hit performed by Nino Bravo, for her. And also another famous theme from Bravo, Noelia, for your lover.

The relationship was complicated: they say that Algueró used to time the actress’s kisses in his films. The combination of infidelity and jealousy ended in the couple’s divorce a decade later.

However, Seville reoffended, in 1985, in marriage. This time, it was with the businessman Vicente Patuel, with whom she lived until 2000 when she became a widow. With that relationship came a stage in which Carmen Sevilla decided to move away from her artistic career, pressured by her husband who preferred to have her at home, and live in the country raising sheep with her husband.


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