The return of Robinho al Santos has reopened the controversy after the portal ‘GloboEsporte’ revealed the content of telephone taps from the Italian Justice to the Brazilian forward to sentence him to nine years in prison for sexual violence.

The events date back to 2013, when Robinho played for Milan. The footballer and a friend of his, Ricardo Falco, were charged by a Milan court for allegedly participate in gang rape of a young woman in a nightclub in the Italian city. The sentence came four years later, when Robinho played in the Atlético Mineiro Brazilian.

Besides Robinho and Falco, others four Brazilian citizens would have participated in the act classified by the Milan Procuratorate as “sexual violence”, but they left Italy during the development of the investigations and, therefore, they are being processed separately.

Robinho, who has not returned to Italy since the conviction was issued, always denied the accusations and confessed that he had oral sex with the victim, but it was spoiled. However, the telephone punctures filtered by ‘GloboEsporte’ they corroborated the accusatory version of the young woman, 23 years old and Albanian origin.

One of the conversations revealed was the one between the musician Jairo chagas, who performed at the venue the night of the events, with Robinho. First expressed concern about the progress of the investigation and the forward gave himself away: “I laugh because I don’t give a damnThe woman was completely drunk, she doesn’t even know what happened, “he said.

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In another of the collected fragments Robinho admits that “there were five on top of her” and acknowledges that saw some of his friends “fuck” to the victim, but he clarifies that he had nothing to do with it: “Luckily God exists because I didn’t even touch the young woman.”

Roninho came to confess in another of the captured conversations that he “tried” practice intercourse. The musician reminded him that “I saw you when you put your penis in his mouth”, to which Robinho replied: “That does not mean fucking.”

The investigation also collects other talks of the player with other friends who were present at the disco the night of the events and that they showed their concern, since one of them I didn’t know if I had “ejaculated inside of the woman “and had” made her pregnant. “

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Robinho says in the recording that “I remember that you and I did not fuck with her because your penis did not rise, it was flaccid … The problem is that lThe girl says that three grabbed her hardIn addition, in another call he boasted that “there was no evidence that they did anything.”

Robinho’s return to Santos has raised an important controversy in Brazil due to the player’s legal problems, which have already caused one of the club’s sponsors to break his agreement.