The devastation caused by atmospheric river storms in California.

California Hit by Another Atmospheric River Storm

Another atmospheric river storm brought strong winds, rainfall and flooding to California this week, prompting levee breaches and mudslides and breaking decades-old rainfall records across the state.

The West Coast is experiencing an unusually wet season following two decades of drought. Nearly a dozen atmospheric rivers have led to higher levels of total snowpack and rainfall in many areas of the state not seen in decades.

Record-Breaking Rainfall

Prolonged heavy rainfall has filled creeks and rivers, with the statewide Sierra Nevada snowpack comprising about one-third of California’s water supply now 178% – 272% above seasonal average. It may become highest on record by April.

Drought Improvements:

About 36% remains in drought according to data from U.S Drought Monitor released Thursday. Since these storms eased some water supply shortages, restrictions were lifted for nearly seven million people affected previously by Metropolitan Water District Of Southern California board recently..

Governor Addresses Climate Change & Damage Estimations

The Governor, Gavin Newsom toured damaged areas in Pajaro after enduring floods through leyee breach along Pajaro River noted that it was climate change triggering worsening weather extremes “If anyone has any doubt about Mother Nature… come down here” estimated that damage from winter storms could exceed $1bn earlier this year . The emergency agency thus acknowledges private weather forecasters’ projections anticipated such developments as well.

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