The destruction of the Amazon rainforest continues unchecked in Brazil

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The destruction of the Amazon rainforest continues unchecked, despite the ban on burning, the dispatch of soldiers and the coronavirus pandemic, as the German NGO Society for Threatened Peoples has warned, when the South American country prepares to celebrate the Amazon Day.

About 1,000 fires have been registered in the Brazilian Amazon this September, after the almost 30,000 that occurred during the month of August, according to data from the National Institute for Space Research of Brazil.

“Slash and burn practices are officially prohibited, but remain uncontrolled”Juliana Miyazaki, representative of the Society for Threatened Peoples, has stated. “The environmental authorities have been unauthorized, the police have little control and the violations have no consequences,” he added.

The Government of the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, banned burning in the Amazon for 120 days in mid-July and sent soldiers to maintain order in the area, although environmentalists assure that the president is not taking this task seriously.

Likewise, the Amazon jungle is also threatened in other countries, such as Colombia, where the actions of armed groups also stand out, according to the environmental organization WWF.

The NGO has indicated that ten protected areas have been left without state protection for the action of these groups, as indicated in a statement.

“The illegal trade in timber, mining and land grabbing are attractive opportunities for these criminal organizations to finance themselves,” said the German representative of WWF.



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