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Dismissed and abandoned by the president, Brad Parscale is admitted to a psychiatric center after being reduced by the police for a possible suicide attempt

Little by little, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, let him fall until in mid-July he removed him as campaign manager. Since then, Brad Parscale, 44, has suffered his personal descent into hell, which ended on Monday when a police officer from the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, held the tall and burly man after his wife alerted the law enforcement officials that her husband might have suicidal thoughts – and 10 firearms in his possession.

In no time, Parscale has gone from digital guru, creator of the shocking success of the labels that marked the 2016 campaign and that have dictated the policy of the Donald Trump Administration, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and #MAGA [las iniciales en inglés de “hacer América grande de nuevo”], to be admitted against his will in a hospital near his home to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. A mandatory study under a rule that authorizes Florida authorities to hospitalize a person for up to 72 hours who is declared “mentally unstable and who may pose a danger to himself or others.”

Like many other careers within the Trump universe, Parscale it was an unexpected, unorthodox success, alien to the unwritten norms of American politics. She had no political experience, nor did she come from one think tanks or Washington think tanks. But he approached the president through the in-law Jared Kushner, who endorsed his worth at the forefront of the creation of the websites of various businesses in the Trump empire.

Those were the days of wine and roses. After an electoral feat that no one expected, with the country flooded with red caps bearing the Trump slogan to “make America a great country (again)”, in February 2018 the New York magnate promoted Parscale and appointed him campaign manager to his reelection this coming November.His aesthetics, his red beard and his more than two meters in height made him worthy of the nickname of The Viking.

Erroneously, many reports say that Parscale is a Texan, where he studied at the University of San Antonio after his parents moved there, but the reality is that he was born in Topeka (Kansas). Married for the first nuptials in 2003 to the mother of his only daughter, whom he met in a tanning salon, Parscale went down the aisle again in 2012 to say I do love Candice Blount.

However, what worked in the 2016 election campaign no longer seemed to work in 2020. The last straw for the vitriolic president’s impatience and precipitated Parscale’s departure from campaign headquarters was Trump’s disastrous Tulsa rally. (Oklahoma) on June 20, with half an empty pavilion despite the fact that the advisor expected a million people. Used to crowded buildings and long lines of enthusiasts, Tulsa’s image caused a weakness in the Trump campaign not seen to date.

From that moment, the president of the United States did with Parscale one of the things he does best: be the schoolyard bully who corners and publicly criticizes, as harshly as possible, those who have failed him. According to a CNN account, which cites sources who were during the conversation, Trump yelled at his campaign manager over the phone accusing him of how bad he was in the polls, even threatening to sue him. At no time did the president consider putting the error on his person. He always has a scapegoat.

After making the headlines in the summer and with his pride devastated by the president, Parscale disappeared from the media radar until this week. The before and after police video of Parscale’s arrest is graphic proof of the collapse of the one who was Trump’s digital leader and, perhaps, in large part, the architect of his victory in 2016.

The agents arrived at the residence of the Parscale couple, in Fort Lauderdale, after receiving a call from his wife in which she assured that her husband had made comments about taking his own life and on several occasions had fired one of the 10 firearms that Trump’s former adviser had in his home. The wife assured the agents that they arrived at his home in Fort Lauderdale, a city 30 miles north of Miami, that Parscale had been “talking excitedly to himself” and then heard a shot.

In a statement to the newspaper Sun-Sentinel, Family friend Timothy Skaggs, police officer, appeared on the scene and called Parscale on the phone to convince him to leave. “He was babbling, like he was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. And it looked like he was crying, ”the agent explained.

Video of the incident shows Candice Parscale, in a bikini and covered by a white coat, telling the police in front of her house that she had had an altercation with her husband and that she saw him take his pistol as he left his study. Brad Parscale left his home, shirtless, in shorts and with a can of beer in hand, after a police officer repeatedly asked him by phone to come out unarmed. One officer suddenly knocked him down by the legs, and two more handcuffed him behind his back. “I did nothing! I didn’t do anything! ”Said the detainee. According to the police report, his wife showed bruises and cuts that her husband apparently had caused her in previous days.

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